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5 Ways to Kill Termites Yourself

Exterminating termites is not really hard. Some people just go overboard when hiring professional services to avoid the hassle. But if you have the guts and time to try and do it yourself, killing termites is definitely possible and doable. In this article, we will discuss five ways on how to kill these pesky little insects that cause havoc in our homes.

1. Use Boric Acid

 Before anything, you should make sure that what you are hunting down are termites. Termites can get into cracks that are as narrow as 1/64 of an inch. They are quite challenging to pin down since they are mostly stuck on wood. When you get infested, look out to wood that sounds hollow upon tapping it. When you are positive about the presence of termites, it’s time to use boric acid, which is an effective agent in getting rid of termites as well as other bugs such as roaches and ants. Sprinkle the boric acid around the mounds and the edges of your home to prevent termites next time from entering. Boric Acid can be bought in many local hardware stores and groceries.

 2. Use Propylene Glycol

 As an alternative to boric acid, you can have a do-it-yourself paste like propylene glycol. Apply this paste to pieces of wooden furniture and other places that are infested by these termites. When creating this mix, wear safety gloves as these might be harmful for your skin.

 3. Use Beneficial Nematodes

 Another method of killing termites is to spray beneficial nematodes. This puts off a special and unique kind of bacteria that damage the bodies of termites. When they go back to their colony, there is also the chance that others would be affected by the same nematodes and die away. Note though that this is harmful to pets so separate your loved animals when applying beneficial nematodes to keep them sound and safe. Application is simple and easy. You may refer to the instructions posted on the box label of the item.

 4. Set Up a Termite Bait System

If you cannot find termites anywhere but know they are there in the house, the best possible solution is to set up a termite bait system. No matter what the time of the day is, termites can just fall into this bait and be killed. They would bring the bait to the queen of the colony to feed on. Little do they know that this bait is already the cause of their downfall.

 5. Set Up Monitoring Stations

As part of the baiting system, you might also want to consider setting up monitoring stations to check on the termites’ location and whereabouts. These monitoring stations can better serve as a pre-baiting technique. Setting up in the soil including an inspection cartridge would be most ideal. Know their food sources and track their active actions. When you become aware about all these, you will learn about their cycle of feeding and their weaknesses.


 These five methods are the most known ways on killing termites by yourself. You are free to try them al multiple times until you are successful in getting rid of them out of the house. These are guaranteed to reduce the number of termites but note that continuous monitoring is critical. For infested structures, do not forget to treat them with a non-repellent soil treatment to reduce the chances of them finding their way into your house the next time.


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