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Crazy Ants

Crazy AntSay hello to the new pest that makes people wish they had their fire ants back: the Rasberry Crazy Ant. These ants have been swarming in the South Eastern portion of the United States since 2002. They have been seen in Houston and the southern portions throughout Louisiana, including Baton Rouge.

The ant has several common names, including Rasberry Crazy Ant, Hairy Crazy Ant, and Caribbean Crazy Ant. The ant doesn't sting and although it can bite, it's not like a fire ant bite. The problem with this ant is the sheer number in their colonies and the fact they displace everything in their path, including Fire Ants.

You will recognize Crazy Ants because they run around real rapidly, as if they were crazy, thus, the name, "Crazy Ants". Unlike other ants that trail in lines, these ants move around all over the place. So you step into your yard and three to five seconds later you've got hundreds of ants on you.

Rasberry Crazy Ant colonies don't build centralized nests, but instead create nests under rocks, piles of debris or under anything that will hold moisture. Homeowners can limit this habitat by picking up things in the yard such as tarps or toys and removing debris piles and other likely nesting areas holding moisture.

Unfortunately, there aren't many treatment options that are effective on these ants because of the sheer numbers of them. Thus far the most effective treatment is with a topical application of insecticide containing Fipronil. According to the EPA it can only be applied twice per year in 60 day intervals.

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