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    Dealership opportunities provide entrepreneurs and investors a chance to join an exciting and rewarding industry

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Dealership Opportunities

Pestop provides entrepreneurs a chance to join an exciting and rewarding industry - the Retail Pest Control Industry. Over the years, Pestop has developed a system providing Dealership Owners the tools needed to be successful. When you join the Pestop organization, you become part of a quality network of Dealership Colleagues, Skilled Support Staff and Programs intended to help keep you informed, educated and updated.


Ticks, of course, are not insects. They are easily distinguished by the shape of their bodies- no distinct head and sac-like appearance of the body. Adults and nymphs have eight legs, while larvae (sometimes refered to as "seed ticks") have six legs.

Control measures should be taken both indoors and outdoors. Special attention should be paid to the areas frequented by dogs.


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